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Looking for a team and high level indoor/beach competition
10/11/2012 5:37:36 PM
by: Steve Harvey
My name is Steve and I am new to San Diego. I just got out of the coast guard and I am currently playing volleyball at San Diego Mesa college. I am a libero, although I used to set for 8 years before I made the transition to libero. My level of play is at least level A, and I believe I can play AA as well. I'm looking to play a lot more. We can only play once a week at school due to college rules and this isn't nearly enough to get better. I've been playing at open gyms all over but the level of play is inconsistent. If anyone knows of a great competitive place to play or is looking for a libero to practice with please let me know. My cell is 314-550-6570 and my email is stevevb2112@aol.com  

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