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The Best Beach Volleyball Finals in 36 Years?
4/23/2013 6:01:21 PM
by: Richard Heiles

One of the best Men's Open Finals in EEVB's 36 year history has been posted to the East End Volleyball YouTube Channel at http://youtu.be/i4olRn73Njg . The match was played in Hollywood, FL on Sunday April 20, 2013 between Adrian Carambula/Tyler Lesneski and Mark Van Zwieten/Piotr Marciniak. All 4 players including the Rox Volleyball sponsored Carambula make some unbelievable plays during the match. There were numerous long rally’s including one over 30 seconds long, a lifetime in beach volleyball.

The best of 3 game match was tied in both games at 21-21. The final scores in the first two games were 28-26 and 25-23. The match had everything you can see in beach volleyball from sky balls to great digs, playing the ball deliberately off the net to your partner, jumping over banners to save the ball and a lot of very hard play and superior effort by both teams.

The tournament is the 6th beach tournament on the 30 tournament long Big Shot Volley Tour promoted by East End Volleyball and sanctioned by Volley America. The tournament site at Hollywood, FL is one of the best on the tour with plenty of sitting space along the beautiful Hollywood Broadwalk plus in the numerous restaurants lining the Broadwalk.

We hope you enjoy the video. Anyone interested in sponsoring next year’s event should contact East End Volleyball at eevb@i-2000.com.

About East End Volleyball

East End Volleyball has been organizing beach volleyball tournaments for 34 years since 1977. Based in the East End of Long Island, EEVB has grown into the largest beach volleyball series in the East End of the country with tournaments from Newport, RI to Hollywood, Florida. Sanctioned by the Volley America, EEVB runs over 35 events for 4,000 plus players. The highest level in the tournaments, the Open Division, is equivalent to AAA Baseball and funnels players into the Pro Beach Volleyball Tour.

About Volley America

Volley America is an organization for beach volleyball promoters whose goal is to promote beach volleyball throughout the US. By cooperating and charging a national membership fee, players are able to compete in numerous tournaments, earn national ranking points and qualify for end of the season cash prizes in the $2 

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