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Plyometric Volleyball Drills
This sample program consists of two volleyball plyometrics sessions per week. This is perfectly adequate to convert strength in sport-specific power and reduces the risk of over-training that can occur with more sessions each week. Plyometrics are usually performed during the mid to late pre-season phase of training. The closed season and early pre-season can be used to develop functional and maximal strength, which is then converted to explosive power. Because these volleyball plyometrics exercises require maximal effort and a high quality of movement, don’t perform any other training immediately before – such as endurance runs, resistance training or speed training. Of course it goes without saying that a thorough warm-up should be completed first.

Select an Exercise:
The benefits of Plyometric training
Concentric and Eccentric contractions
This video shows an excellent example of how the strength shortening cycle
of plyometric jump training increases your vertical jumping ability.

The video demonstrates how using a concentric contraction (muscle shortens)
immediately followed by an eccentric contraction (muscle lengthens) increases
the force generated by the muscle. The first jump is from the ground, so there is
no concentric contraction (muscle shortens).

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